Keep Track of Who’s Glass is Who’s with DrinkBands! (review and giveaway!)

I am so thrilled to be able to share with you my latest love – DrinkBands.

I don’t know about you, but since I do everything I can to avoid BPA in my house, this means we use glasses – even my three-year-old.

My son gets one of those 1-cup mason jars pictured left. It’s easy for him to identify which is his – he has the orange band (his favorite color).

Although I am happy we’re not using BPA plastic glasses, there’s always a risk of dropping glass on the floor. However, 100% silicone DrinkBands provide a place to grip the glass to prevent slipping.

The regular bands (which we have) fit all the glasses in my house – and even stretch to fit our stainless steel water bottles. I love them!

Having DrinkBands has cut down on the amount of glasses we go through in a day. No more “was this glass mine? Or was it this one? Oh well, I just grab a clean one!”

Read more about DrinkBands on their website. Find DrinkBands on Facebook here:

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Keep Track of Who’s Glass is Who’s with DrinkBands! (review and giveaway!) — 26 Comments

  1. We have six children so we go through a lot of glasses in a day due to “Is this glass mine?” confusion. More glasses mean more work and less time lolling about with my little ones. We, too, use Mason jars instead of the ubiquitous plastic cup and we’ve had a few slips with little, wet hands.

  2. oh We could so use these! We have six young children and we homeschool and I am nursing the four month old so I am always behind with everything! These would help with dishes!!

  3. We go through tons of glasses because the four children think that they need a different glass for every different drink they have. :( So not cool. This way we can keep track of who is using more than none cup!!

  4. With 8 kids and 2 adults in the house we wash a lot of cups. It would be so convenient to know which cup is whose without having to be concerned about sharing germs, which is challenging enough with a large family. We have tried marking glasses with permanent marker, but it wipes off easily and marks little hands. What a great idea! Not only does it mark the glass, but it makes it easier to hang onto! How cool is that!

  5. Makes me wonder if rubber bracelets would work. I like the color selections! We use jars and pint glasses and I end up washing too many clean glasses because my family looses track. Drink bands would save time, energy and water.

  6. Hubby always gets annoyed with me when I stick his glass in the dishwasher. I don’t know if he’s done with it. It is empty? It has been there 1 or 2 days? He could put this on his glass and I can leave it alone.

  7. This is one of the best ideas I’ve ever seen. I’m constantly nagging my kids about all the glasses that are on the table and counter. Of course, nobody knows which is which. This would definately solve that issue:)

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