28 Things Betcha Didn’t Know About Aloe Vera

I have a huge aloe vera plant in my kitchen bay window. A few years ago, I thought it was a goner, but thankfully I didn’t throw it away. It has blossomed into a very hearty plant, and has gotten so big I’ve had to give several sections of it away.

Most of us think of aloe vera as a sunburn soother. Although it’s great for burns, it has many other health benefits as well (links go to scientific studies provided by Google Scholar):

  1. Aloe is antifungal
  2. Aloe is antiviral
  3. Aloe is antibacterial
  4. Aloe is an antioxidant
  5. Aloe is full of enzymes
  6. Aloe contains glyconutrients
  7. Aloe provides minerals and vitamins to the body
  8. Aloe is full of electrolytes
  9. Aloe hydrates the skin
  10. Aloe alkalizes and balances ph
  11. Aloe boosts the oxygen in your blood
  12. Aloe makes for great skin
  13. Aloe halts inflammation
  14. Aloe soothes arthritis pain
  15. Aloe protects the body from the effects of stress
  16. Aloe lowers blood sugar for diabetics
  17. Aloe efficiently brings oxygen to cells
  18. Aloe halts the growth of cancer tumors. Aloe contains acemannan, an immune system booster. Acemannan has also been proven to cure cancer by increasing the production of nitric oxide which shrinks cancer tumors.
  19. Aloe cures digestive disorders such as ulcers, Crohn’s, celiac, IBS
  20. Aloe prevents kidney stones
  21. Aloe accelerates healing from radiation burns
  22. Aloe stops colon cancer
  23. Aloe heals, soothes, and lubricates the intestinal tract
  24. Aloe ends constipation
  25. Aloe prevents candida infections
  26. Aloe cleanses the kidneys and protects them from disease
  27. Aloe lowers high cholesterol and triglycerides without the harmful effects statins provide.
  28. Aloe cures acid reflux and heartburn

I have been asked what I personally recommend, so have edited this post to add this:

For chronic conditions, I highly recommend Stockton Aloe. They provide the most quality aloe vera you can find, and is well worth the price. It’s truly the “meat” of the aloe.

I have also personally used and have had success with Lily of the Desert Aloe Vera Juice which is organic and has no preservatives.

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28 Things Betcha Didn’t Know About Aloe Vera — 10 Comments

    • It would depend on what you’re using it for.

      The clinical studies would show a more exact application.

      Drinking it via a juice or the gel would give you the internal benefits. The juice wouldn’t do as well for topical applications – the gel would be best for that.

  1. I’m particularly interested in the part where it can cure celiac disease. My husband’s family suffers from severe gluten allergies, though I’m not sure if it’s true celiac.
    Now I’m wondering if it’s safe to feed to babies. Research time! :)

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