NutraPro Butter Oil review and giveaway!

I am happy to review for you today a high quality product that is super good for you – NutraPro butter oil.

First I want to address the confusion surrounding use of the terms butter oil, ghee, and clarified butter. I admit I, myself, am confused as to what makes the difference between the three, since they seem to all look alike and be essentially the same.

According to NutraPro, who provided me with a jar of their delicious-tasting butter oil, there is a difference between butter oil and ghee/clarified butter, and “it’s in the manufacturing.”

NutraPro Butter Oil is manufactured by extracting it from grass-fed certified organic cream at low temperature and high speed to preserve nutrients, taste, and aroma, leaving a pleasant taste, not a nutty one which indicates high heat was used in manufacturing.

Although NutraPro’s certification shows their Butter Oil is pasteurized, don’t be wary. The Weston A. Price foundation has said pasteurization doesn’t harm the fats, but the proteins. Remember, there are no milk proteins left in butter oil. The “X” Factor (“Activator X”) is still present, and all fat-soluble vitamins remain.

Why not just eat butter?

Butter is high in CLA, Omega-3, and fat-soluble vitamins A, E, and K. However, butter can be problematic to those who are lactose intolerant, and it has a relatively short shelf life when left out at room temperature.

Butter oil (pictured right) is virtually free from lactose and has an extended shelf life (right on the counter) due to the lack of lactose, proteins, and milk solids. So it’s a good choice for those who are lactose intolerant.

It takes 16 gallons of cream to produce 1 pound of butter oil, so as you can see it’s not an inexpensive product. Fortunately, you only need a couple of teaspoons per day to reap the benefits of this more concentrated source of nutrients.

Does your butter come from grass-fed cows?

The problem with most butters is they come from grain fed cows, not grass fed. Even KerryGold butter, which I purchase regularly, doesn’t have as high a nutritional boost that butter oil has. This is due to the removal of the milk solids and water, making butter oil more concentrated.

Take a look at this chart which shows how much CLA is available when cows are pastured:

As you can see, consuming butter oil made from cows who are pastured and not grain-fed gives a huge nutritional boost.

Buy some!

You can find NutraPro butter oil right on amazon. Or you can order from their website here:

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NutraPro Butter Oil review and giveaway! — 29 Comments

  1. I would like to win because I would like for my whole family to start taking cod liver oil, and these two products are sort in inseparable ;)

  2. I learn so much every day in my research and reading and tonight is no exception. Wow, very informative article! I would like to win just to continue on my path to a healthier lifestyle.

  3. I recently was told to omit dairy from my diet, have been making ghee and would love to try this! Thanks so much for the explanation of the difference between ghee and butter oil. We were just wondering about that at my local WAPF meeting but no one knew the answer!

  4. I have made my own ghee in years past and have always had a problem with getting the last bits of protein, lactose (milk solids) and water out of it so it isn’t pure ghee, like I love. I am excited to try out this product and look forward to winning!

    Have a beautiful week

  5. I just found your website and enjoy it very much! I would love to win the butter oil as my family is eating cleanly now and it becomes expensive. I have tried making my own clarified butter but would like to try this.

  6. I’d love to win this. I have recently been diagnosed with dry eyes and want to buy fermented cod liver oil AND butter oil to help with this condition and to receive the other health benefits. We’ve not been able to afford this purchase yet. Winning the butter oil would be wonderful! Thank you.

  7. I love learning new about new ways to keep my body healthy, the way God intended. (I just wish it wasn’t so expensive!) I would LOVE to try this:)

  8. I would love to try butter oil due to reading a recent article on hos it can (combined with another item) reverse tooth decay. My three year old has decay between his upper front teeth, so I have an excellent reason and ready subject for testing it.

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