Healthy Ice Pops & Frozen Treats

Warmer weather is approaching, and now is a great time to get out those cold treat recipes.

Kelly, at The Nourishing Home, has some wonderful recipes in their book, Healthy Ice Pops & Frozen Treats.

Here are some of the yummy recipes you will find: Banana Split Pop, Chocolate Covered Banana Bar, Chunky Cherry Pop, Peaches and Cream Bar, Italian Ice Pops, and Wholesome All-Fruit Pops.

My Silicone Push-Up Pop Molds arrived last week and we made a yummy smoothie with my home-made yogurt mixed with frozen fruit and some grape juice kefir. It was delicious! I also ordered these BPA-free Popsicle Molds and will use them this weekend.

These pops will be fun for my kids and a change from our usual Peachy Cream Ice Cream or Creamy Coconut Ice Cream that are staples during the summer.

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