Is it possible to remineralize our teeth? And a word on oil pulling from OraWellness…

This is part two in a continuing series of an interview I had with OraWellness. If you missed part one, click here: Why is gum disease prevalent even though we brush regularly?

Today we discuss remineralization and oil pulling.

Nourishing Treasures: Do you believe it’s possible to remineralize our teeth? Why or why not?

Ora Wellness: Of course! We can and do remineralize the teeth everyday! However, in order for remineralization to occur faster than demineralization requires a number of factors to be in place.

First, letʼs state that tooth remineralization occurs both from an internal approach as well as external actions one takes. By internal, we mean from a whole system immune building approach through diet, health giving exercise – any steps we can take to build our immune response. By external approach we refer to using certain oral health products in the mouth.

Nourishing Treasures: Yes, I love using your Brushing Blend (and so do my kids!). Can you tell me what we need, internally speaking?

Ora Wellness: Internally, we have to have sufficient minerals in a bio-available form in our system. If the minerals are present in sufficient quantity in the saliva, remineralization occurs very naturally. The ʻtrickʼ if you will, is to have sufficient minerals in the diet this day and age. This is why a nutrient dense diet helps to remineralize teeth. We simply cannot get sufficient minerals in our diets unless we take great care with what foods we choose to put in our mouths. Then thereʼs the whole factor of ʻfood like substancesʼ that are actually a net negative on our ability to create greater oral health. Thatʼs a whole other subject! :)

Another factor is to make sure that our oral hygiene products donʼt have any ʻquestionableʼ ingredients that may inhibit navigating to optimal immune health.

Nourishing Treasures: Avoiding fluoride is super important in my house. We’ve been fluoride-free for over a decade now.

Ora Wellness: Weʼll address the ʻin the mouthʼ approach to remineralizing teeth and what oral health products support tooth remineralization in a later Q&A. :)

Nourishing Treasures: I look forward to learning more!

Now what are your thoughts on oil pulling? After watching one of your You Tube videos where you discuss the benefits of saliva swishing, I have to ask: do you think “oil pulling” is successful
because of the oil, or because of the saliva swishing?

Ora Wellness: This is another great question. Oil pulling has been used in ayruvedic medicine for a long, long time. This is one of those protocols that has stood the test of time. After all, if it didnʼt help, the Indian culture would have dropped it 500 years ago! :)

I really donʼt know if oil pulling is so good for us because of the oil, the saliva or the combination of them both! We do plan on making a video detailing this protocol and covering some doʼs as well as donʼts when it comes to applying oil pulling to oneʼs oral health routine. If your readers come like us on Facebook, they will know when we launch new video tutorials.

About the authors: Will and Susan Revak are the founders of OraWellness. They help empower others to take control of their oral health with toxin free oral health products and simple homemade solutions. They started OraWellness as a way to share how Susan successfully recovered from advanced gum disease over 15 years ago. Click here to read Susanʼs story. Their spearhead product is a toothpaste alternative made with 100% organic and wild crafted ingredients. You can find several FREE video tutorials and downloads to help you along your path to greater oral health at

Nourishing Treasures: I hope you liked this article. This is the second of several interview questions I asked Ora Wellness. Stay tuned next week when Ora Wellness answers the question, “What causes bad breath, and how do I get rid of it?”

Ora Wellness supplied me with their Brushing Blend and I absolutely LOVE it. It’s a blend of bad bacteria-killing teeth-healthy essential oils (such as cloves, cinnamon, and myrrh) in a base of almond oil. I love that I don’t have a mouthful of lather – my kids love it, too! It’s a great breath freshener.

Ora Wellness has offered Nourishing Treasures readers a FREE Bass toothbrush with your order of OraWellness Brushing Blend. ONLY when you write “Nourishing Treasures free brush offer” in the customer note section during checkout.

*One free toothbrush per order, not per bottle of brushing blend.


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Is it possible to remineralize our teeth? And a word on oil pulling from OraWellness… — 7 Comments

  1. thank you so much for this series! i have been reading with great interest!
    one question- it says you can mix the blend with any toothpaste- i have been making our toothpaste from baking soda and coconut oil. should i just mix the two?

    • I don’t see why you couldn’t! Me, I use it straight on my toothbrush. I tap a few drops on and I’m good.

      The bottle has lasted us several weeks and is only about 1/4 gone. It lasts a super long time!

  2. Hi, thanks for this, I am interested in this subject as my housemate is using non flouride toothpaste. However I actually started oil pulling recently (with coconut oil) and found that my teeth became more sensitive. Do you have any idea why that would be?


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