Scrumptious Sourdough Bread, Rolls, Cake – and a giveaway…

I told you in my Sourdough Shy? post I would be giving away a copy of Sourdough A to Z from GNOWFGLINS. Without it, I still would be intimidated by sourdough.

I must say the Sourdough eCourse was absolutely essential to my feeling of confidence. To be able to view Wardeh walking through each step…well it just put my mind at ease.

Check out what I’ve made…

I am thrilled that my Lodge Dutch Oven makes such delicious sourdough bread. With the lid on, it keeps the moisture in and doesn’t dry it out. It does such a great job, the top is somewhat “tacky” and I removed the lid for the final ten minutes of baking.

My kids totally devoured this bread!

Using the “bucket method” as described in my Sourdough Shy? post, I was able to make this in about 35 minutes. This is even quicker than my Bread in Less than an Hour recipe.

Now take a look at these yummy rolls. I also made them with the “bucket dough.” They took only about 20 minutes in my toaster oven, and were absolutely heavenly!

Let’s not forget Chocolate Sourdough Cake!

I am thrilled to have such success with sourdough. I have peace of mind the grains have been soaked via the sourdough method – no phytic acid attaching to and eliminating minerals from my body! I am also very happy with how quickly I can whip up bread when I need it. Without the “bucket method,” I would have had to plan much farther ahead.

Everything in the Sourdough A to Z book is available free as you go through the eCourse. You can sign up for just one month if you want to take a peek, and it will only cost you $10. You will then have access to the Sourdough eCourse PLUS all her other wonderful eCourses: Cultured Dairy and Cheese, Fermenting, Fundamentals, and more.

Win “Sourdough A to Z” ebook

Enter the Rafflecopter widget below to enter to win your own copy of Sourdough A to Z from GNOWFGLINS. Inside you will find recipes for everything from hamburger rolls to chocolate cake and all the how-to’s you could dream of. Enter today!

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Scrumptious Sourdough Bread, Rolls, Cake – and a giveaway… — 25 Comments

  1. I would love to win this because I’m learning how to make more and more traditional foods everyday. I’ve yet to conquer sourdough so it’s perfect. Thanks for the chance. :)

  2. Indeed I need to get a copy of this book! I have Wardeh’s Idiots Guide to Fermenting Foods, and had sauerkraut percolatin’ and kefir straining….but alas, my attempt at her sourdough has been less than successful the past 9 days. Am thinking I am not smart enough for the Idiot’s guide and need the pictures and guided walk along. Thank you for this opportunity to dream about this A to Z one!

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