Join My Lemongrass Spa Party! Check out the body care products you can literally eat with a spoon…

I never put anything on my skin I wouldn’t eat. Just a personal rule I have. There are just too many products out there laden with chemicals. Since our skin is our biggest organ, and absorbs what we put on it, I have to resort to making my own or going without.

Let’s face it – sometimes you just can’t get a recipe to work and you need to purchase something already made – at least until you can perfect that recipe! That’s where Lemongrass Spa comes in.

I found Lemongrass Spa through Charlene over on the Learning About Essential Oils Facebook group. I followed her link expecting to find ingredients that I didn’t approve of. Wrong! Instead of chemicals, they use ingredients you can eat and essential oils. All products are gluten-free with the exception of two: Almond Body Polish and the Oatmeal Milk and Honey soap.

If you are looking for chemical-free balms, deodorant, lotions, sunscreen, and even mineral makeup, check out Lemongrass Spa! That link should automatically hook you to my party, but if you have to make a selection, select the party for “Lea Harris.” Everyone who orders through my party (minimum $25 order) will be entered in a drawing for a free Spearmint Eucalyptus soap bar.

For the month of March, all Spearmint Eucalyptus products are on sale. Keep your eye out for them.

I am really excited about their mascara. I wore mascara for years, but not since becoming more health-conscious. I stumbled on a recipe for a DIY version, and I have had the supplies for weeks…but I am just too nervous to take the plunge of making my own. I am thrilled they offer mascara without the nasty chemicals.

Did you know most of the lipstick you put on ends up being not only absorbed, but consumed by you? Check out Lemongrass Spa’s Nourishing Lip Butter for a lip product you can eat!

There’s nothing like a lemon body polish to get your circulation moving! Check out the Lemon Sorbet body polish

If going no-poo is not for you and you are looking for shampoo and conditioner in a bottle, give this Botanical Shampoo and Conditioner set a try.

There is so much more they offer like stuff for baby and stuff for the men in your life. Take a peek!

Join My Party!

Any link in this post should link you to my party. If not, you will be asked to select the party to choose (this is where you select host Lea Harris, and then the “shop now” button). Every order $25 or more is automatically entered to win a Spearmint Eucalyptus soap bar. Party ends Friday, March 29th.

Make sure you join our Event on Facebook so you can stay tuned to a special party we will be hosting on Tuesday, March 26th!

Enter the Giveaway!

Enter the giveaway for a $10 credit towards your order ($30 minimum purchase, please!). Giveaway ends Sunday, 3/24. Winner to be chosen Monday, March 25th, in time to use before the party ends on Friday, March 29th.
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