Essential Oils Testing – and the results are in!

It all started with Essential Oils 101. I went on a limb asking you, my readers, to help me reach a goal of $1000 to pay for a chemist, Dr. Pappas, to run samples through his GC/MS. The funds were raised, thanks to these wonderful people, the samples were sent, and the results are in!

I just uploaded this video to YouTube showing which brands were labeled with which numbers, as I sent them to Dr. Pappas just as numbered bottles. Essential Vitality (the only “organic” sample) was labeled with a #3; doTERRA with #1; Young Living with #5; Aura Cacia with #2; and Mountain Rose Herbs as #4.

First thing this morning I received Dr. Pappas’ e-mail with the pdf’s of the samples. He said, “There were no problems with any of the samples but I thought #3 was the best.” When I asked Dr. Pappas to elaborate on the remaining four, this is what he said, “All the samples were very good quality, I just liked #3 slightly better because of the chemistry.  Its just my opinion. Number 2 was the closest to 3, in fact very close so its a really hard choice.”

#3 is Essential Vitality and #2 is Aura Cacia. No, these aren’t the most expensive ones!

Edited to add prices: Essential Vitality (Organic) Myrrh 5ml $54.95; Aura Cacia Myrrh .5 oz $12; doTERRA Myrrh 15ml $69.33; Young Living Myrrh 15ml $85.20; Mountain Rose Herbs Myrrh 1 oz. $40.

I have uploaded the pdf results below. You can click on the image to view it in full. and zoom in on the results.

Please note that all five tested well with “very good” odor quality and no adulteration or contamination. The note on the #3 sample also included the line, “of the 5 samples tested, this one had the highest level of Curzurene and overall best odor quality.” I preferred the aroma of #3 as well (which I noted on the Learning About Essential Oils group at the time). It’s nice to know a professional agrees ;)

Okay, okay, here are the pdf’s…

Results for Myrrh Sample #1 – doTERRA

Results for Myrrh Sample #2 – Aura Cacia

Results for Myrrh Sample #3 – Essential Vitality

Results for Myrrh Sample #4 – Mountain Rose Herbs

Results for Myrrh Sample #5 – Young Living

So there you have it. What do you think? Would you like to see 5 more brands tested to see where they fall? Join our group!

p.s. in case anyone is wondering, there is no gain, financial or otherwise, for either me or Dr. Pappas to endorse Essential Vitality :)

PLEASE NOTE: I should add this disclaimer, which I intended to add originally, but I was under such pressure (ahem, you know who you are!) to get this posted I neglected to. Dr. Pappas reminded me that all of these samples could have come from the same supplier/distiller, as there are very few of them. The difference in results could be from a variety of reasons: temperature stored at, time of year harvested, length of time it sat before being sold, etc. So don’t be disappointed if a brand you love from the top 5 wasn’t “#1″ – they are ALL very good.

UPDATE: We are testing TTO next. Read all about it here…

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Essential Oils Testing – and the results are in! — 3 Comments

  1. I have always bought my EOs from San Francisco Herb Company (sfherb.com_ and Natural Options Aromatherapy ( SFHerb is much cheaper but I’ve always wondered if they were lesser quality since I cant tell any difference. I know the owners & have sat in on many classes with them but their products are more expensive and I just wonder if its truly worth the price you pay.
    Another brand that many crafters use is I’ve bought many from them as well since they’re local and I find they have great oils.

    Thanks for a very interesting EO journey!

  2. Thank you for doing this testing and posting the results! I have been using AuraCacia oils for a couple of years now, and it’s nice to know that they are just as pure, and just as good, as the overpriced oils of the MLM companies!! Of course, I already knew that, since AuraCacia’s oils WORK for the variety of things that I’ve used them for, and they smell wonderful! :-)

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