20% off Pampered Chef Stoneware SALE!

Yes, you read that right! My Pampered Chef consultant let me know that all stoneware is 20% off for the month of September with NO limits or minimum orders required! I loooooove my stoneware, and I know you do, too.

Now is the time to stock up on those pieces you need to use once the cooler weather hits.

When September rolls around I like to make apple crisp (mini baker) and apple pies (pie plate), aple muffins (muffin pan)and it just sets off my baking routine!

Thanksgiving would not be complete without rolls baked on stoneware cookie sheets, pies baked in stoneware pie plates, and a cake baked in the stoneware fluted pan.

Here are the pieces available for the 20% off deal… (remember, each piece comes with recipes and a stoneware scraper!)

Rectangular Baker
Makes excellent chicken with crispy skin!
retail $40.00
sale $32
Small Ridged Baker
This does make for the best bacon ever! I also love baking chicken legs/thighs.
retail $30.00
sale $24
12-Cup Muffin Pan – 1 of Lea’s TOP 5!
A must-have! I not only use this for muffins, cupcakes, and biscuits, but also meatloaf cups, lasagna cups, and egg cups!
retail $37.00
sale $29.60
Stoneware Fluted Pan
I love making Chocolate Sourdough cake in this pan!
retail $34.00
sale $27.20
Stoneware Cookie Sheet
Everyone needs a cookie sheet!
retail $35.00
sale $28
Large Bar Pan – 1 of Lea’s TOP 5!
I use my bar pan for cookies, too. Like Peanut Butter cookies for my husband, or Pumpkin Cookies!
retail $35.00
sale $28
Large Round Stone with Handles – 1 of Lea’s TOP 5!
This is what I bake my Best Pizza Crust in! 15″ in diameter.
retail $33.00
sale $26.40
Medium Round Stone with Handles
Medium stone is 13″ in diameter.
retail $25.00
sale $20
Rectangle Stone
Make rectangle pizza, or use for cookies!
retail $29.00
sale $23.20
Medium Bar Pan
I make brownies in this pan :) Sesame Honey Bites also work!
retail $25.00
sale $20
Small Bar Pan
This is my toaster oven pan. I reheat leftovers on this one!
retail $18.00
sale $14.40

Stoneware Loaf Pan – 1 of Lea’s TOP 5!
Bread with the best crust ever! Try my Bread in an Hour.
retail $24.00
sale $19.20
Mini Loaf Pan
I make quick breads in mine. Cranberry bread and Chia Banana Bread! I’ve also been known to make meatloaf in this pan…
retail $35.00
sale $28

Glazed Stoneware Deep Covered Baker – Cranberry
My mom has this, and I want one soooo bad! Makes for awesome, crispy skin when used to bake a chicken.
retail $85.00
sale $68

Glazed Stoneware Deep Dish Pie Plate – Cranberry – 1 of Lea’s TOP 5!
Once you make a pie in this plate, you will never go back to using anything else! Perfect non-soggy crust every time!
retail $35.00
sale $28

Stoneware Rectangular Baker — Cranberry
The glazed outside rim makes for easier clean-up!
retail $49.00
sale $39.20

Stoneware Mini-Baker — Cranberry
I have several of these bakers. I’ve used them for everything from quiche to cake :)
retail $27.00
sale $21.60

Stoneware Square Baker — Cranberry
Makes the best apple or Blueberry Crisp! Not to mention the best brownies ever :)
retail $38.00
sale $30.40

Stoneware Round Covered Baker — Cranberry
Awesome all-purpose baker. Use without the lid for cakes, or with the lid to bake roasts and chicken and casseroles.
retail $49.00
sale $39.20

There is no minimum order to be eligible to purchase the stoneware on sale.

How to Order

Read to order? Follow these steps:

1. Click here: http://www.nourishingtreasures.com/buyPC.  Click on the top left where it says, “Shows you’re invited to or hosting.” (click image for larger screen cap, but I am sure you get the idea). Note: you should see “Your Consultant: Kimlyn Powers” on the far right.

2. Click “Looking for a specific Show?”. (click image for larger screen cap, but I am sure you get the idea)..

3. A big box will pop up where you can enter my host name, Lea Harris. Then click “Search.” (click image for larger screen cap, but I am sure you get the idea).

4. My party pops up. You can click on my name to select my party. (click image for larger screen cap, but I am sure you get the idea).

5. You’re in! Please fill out the short RSVP. Everyone who RSVP’s will enter to win a $25 gift code to Tropical Traditions! You can click on the “20% off stoneware” image on the right to view a list of all the items on sale.

6.TO ORDER: click “shop” on the top bar and then select “stoneware.” You will then have a list of all the stoneware. That main page will not have sale prices, HOWEVER, when you click on the item, it will have the sale price right there.

Have fun shopping! Please note your card will not be billed until the party closes and processes on 9/15, at which point the orders will ship.

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