FDA approves wood for use in food…

Food Freedom posted an article this summer entitled 15 Food Companies that Serve You ‘Wood’.

You have to read it to believe it. Cellulose, processed wood pulp, has been approved by the FDA as safe for use in food – and has not set any limits on the amount of cellulose that is allowed in foods.

Using it as a filler, since it’s inexpensive, as well as to extend shelf life, it is not something our bodies can digest. Who would have thought? ;P

This is just another reason why we need to make more and more of our own foods from scratch. Continue reading

When Honey isn’t Honey – Make sure you’re buying honey with pollen, not without

Food Safety News shared their tests showing that 76% of store-bought honey isn’t honey after all. Why? The pollen has been removed.

We want pollen in our honey because of the medicinal properties of honey. Remove the pollen, and honey is nothing but pure sugar.

Dozens of organizations, including WHO and the European Commission have ruled that without pollen, honey isn’t honey. There’s no way to tell where honey came from, and if it’s from a safe source or not.

The FDA agrees. They state if honey is ultra-filtered, no pollen remains, and it’s not really honey. But are they checking for pollen? Nope.

Here are the results from Food Safety News’ tests: Continue reading

Peanut Butter Prices Rising – are you stocking up?

There are many news sources, including this one, describing a 30% increase in peanut butter prices beginning November 1st.

Are you preparing for this?

I like making my own peanut butter, but I learned you can only store peanuts for a few months. Since I have no idea how long prices will be elevated, I decided to invest in already-made peanut butter which lasts two years or longer.

There are several brands that use just peanuts and salt, or even just palm oil or molasses, in their peanut butter. I do not buy peanut butter that includes high fructose corn syrup or canola/rapeseed oils [see Canola and pesticides, Canola and GMO]. Continue reading

Rawesome Foods Update from Natural News

Examples of government-sponsored terrorism against innocent Americans continue to pour in to NaturalNews, and no case better demonstrates it than the Rawesome Foods raid and the ongoing persecution of its organizers. In court proceedings last Thursday, LA County prosecutor Kelly Sakir turned over 1,097 pages of “discovery” documents to the defendants’ attorneys, revealing an utterly astonishing campaign of spying, surveillance, and entrapment that has targeted Rawesome Foods for at least the last two years.

NaturalNews has learned that at least three undercover operatives were hired by the LA County prosecutor’s office to infiltrate Rawesome Foods and sign up as members while covertly filming their actions using hidden cameras in their purses. These cameras almost certainly captured video footage of other members at Rawesome Foods, meaning the government itself stands in violation of wiretapping laws that it often uses against innocent civilians who try to videotape traffic stops by local police. Continue reading

Top 7 Supermarket Foods to Avoid

Top 7 Supermarket Foods to Avoid

Food Matters asked seven experts a simple question: “What foods do you avoid?” Here are some of their eye-opening responses:

Canned Tomatoes

An endocrinologist won’t go near canned tomatoes — the cans are lined with a resin containing BPA, and tomatoes are especially dangerous because their acid breaks the BPA down in dangerous amounts. Continue reading

Taco Bell beef faked? No more than the rest of the FDA-approved toxic food supply

The word spread like wildfire across the internet: An Alabama law firm had filed a class action lawsuit against Taco Bell in California, saying its meat fails to meet the definition of beef set forth by the U.S. government (and even that’s a pretty low hurdle, if you ask me). The lawsuit claims Taco Bell’s meat cannot be honestly advertised as “beef” because it claims tests showed the meat was only 35% beef, not the 70% beef required by federal standards. Continue reading

EWG Releases the 2011 “Dirty Dozen” Most Toxic Fruits and Vegetables List

Here are EWG’s “Dirty Dozen” - the top dozen worst non-organic produce choices you can make.

EWG analyzed pesticide residue testing data from the US Department of Agriculture and Food and Drug Administration to come up with rankings for these popular fresh produce items. Continue reading

FDA finally admits chicken meat contains cancer-causing arsenic

(NaturalNews) After years of sweeping the issue under the rug and hoping no one would notice, the FDA has now finally admitted that chicken meat sold in the USA contains arsenic, a cancer-causing toxic chemical that’s fatal in high doses. But the real story is where this arsenic comes from: It’s added to the chicken feed on purpose! Continue reading