Vitamin B-12 Brand Comparison and Cost Analysis Guide

This is a follow-up to last month’s post Vitamin B-12 – Are You Deficient? + Food Sources where we learned:

  • what Vitamin B-12 is essential for
  • how much B-12 you should consume daily
  • signs of Vitamin B-12 deficiency and what deficiency can lead to
  • how the Intrinsic Factor (IF) is essential to Vitamin B-12 absorption and what interferes with IF
  • what else can cause B-12 deficiency
  • what to do if you have low/poor IF
  • who is at risk for B-12 deficiency
  • what foods B-12 is found in
  • and, finally, a brief word on supplements

Today I am expanding on my previously brief word on supplements.

We have already learned there are different forms of Vitamin B-12 including the least desirable cyanocobalamin as well as the preferred methylcobalamin (adenosylcobalamin is also acceptable).

This guide will list for you what brands contain which form(s) of Vitamin B-12 so you can be a better shopper. I will also include any other vitamins that may be included, as well as the “other ingredients” listed on the label. I will calculate for you the cost per serving as well as the cost per 1000 mcg. Finally, you will find a Top 10 Most Economical list where you can choose budget-friendly B-12. Continue reading

Cod Liver Oil – Brands Containing Soy

Last week I posted my brand comparison of cod liver oil (CLO). In this comparison I listed three dozen types of liquid and softgel cod liver oils, and compared the cost per serving of each of them. I compared the cost of CLO to the more superior fermented cod liver oil (FCLO) and concluded the liquid FCLO is less expensive than all but two of the liquid brands. We also discovered there are brands of CLO with 0 IU’s of Vitamin D.

However, as I mentioned, quality was not taken into account in my cost analysis. Who uses synthetic vitamins? Natural? Which brands contain soy?

This post addresses which brands contain soy. But first, let’s take a quick peek into why we don’t want soy in our CLO.

Reasons to Avoid Soy

Soybean oil is the main active ingredient used in Bayer’s “natural” pesticide – and we want to consume this?

Soy is genetically modified – we want to avoid GMO’s!

Soy is processed in a way that increases levels of carcinigens,and cause thyroid problems – read more: Soy Danger’s Summarized

The Whole Soy Story - by Kaayla T. Daniel

Endorsed by Mary G. Enig (author of Eat Fat, Loose Fat) as providing “the most comprehensive review/evaluation of the soy story ever to exist. This is a must read for the intelligent and concerned consumer of food for themselves and especially for their children and grandchildren.”

Read more about The Whole Soy Story. 50% off until November 3rd. Nearly 500 pages in this hardcover book. Continue reading