High-Protein Pancake Recipe

Mmmm, now who doesn’t love pancakes?

I used to only serve pancakes on Saturday mornings. Even though I made my own pancake batter, I still wasn’t thrilled about the lack of protein.

However, due to the large amount of eggs our chickens are producing, I have been looking for recipes calling for more eggs. So what a blessing that my good friend Miriam asked if I was interested in a high-protein pancake recipe. She got it from our mutual friend Ruth (thanks, Ruth!). I tweaked the recipe a little, adding 8 eggs instead of 4, doubling the flour, and omitting the vanilla extract. These are soooo yummy! My kids are happy they don’t have to eat scrambled eggs…again…and I am happy that we are still using eggs for breakfast.

High-Protein Pancakes

1.Set 12″ cast iron skillet on medium-high heat. If you have a 12″ square griddle, even better! There is no need to pre-grease as this recipe includes oil. The key is a HOT pan.

2. Food process or blend until combined:

3. By now your pan should be nice and hot. Use a small ladle (mine is 2″ and holds 1 ounce like this one on amazon) and spoon three pancakes on your hot pan (you can fit more with a square griddle). You’ll hear the sizzle when you pour them out.

4. In a couple of minutes you’ll see the surface start to dry and get bubbly like this:

5. That means it’s time to flip!

6. After they’re ready, I remove to a plate, then get the next three started. While the next batch is cooking, I slather pastured butter on each pancake, then top with a teaspoon of maple syrup (I get mine local or from here – also on amazon here) and a sprinkling of ground cinnamon.

7. Repeat until everyone has had their fill Mmm, now doesn’t that look yummy?!

Makes approx. 36 pancakes. For us, this recipe lasts three days. I store in a mason jar and it doesn’t separate, and doesn’t need shaking before using. Try it!

Soaking option: Prepare this ahead and leave out overnight.

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High-Protein Pancake Recipe — 13 Comments

  1. I made a similar recipe when I did the P90X workout plan… However, I used rolled oats rather than whole wheat flour and over time I adapted it to include a full serving of veggies (shredded zucchini works GREAT). They are super with cream cheese and fresh fruit.

  2. These look great, but for soaking wouldn’t you want to avoid leaving the eggs out overnight? Would you mind giving more details about soaking this? Thanks!

      • If you are using farm-fresh pasture raised eggs they actually don’t need to be refridgerated. We have such a large amount of eggs, that we keep them out on the kitchen counter all the time. Uncracked they can sit out for 30 days. After they are cracked they can sit at room temp for 48 hours safely.

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