Easy No-Fail Mayo

Seriously. Why didn’t I think of this before? It’s so simple, I feel silly for not  having even considered it when I posted my original Make Your Own Homemade Mayo recipe.

I have to thank MC, a reader who posted on that mayo post asking about coconut oil. She pointed out how harmful hydrogenated oils are, and she’s absolutely right – sunflower oil is 50% omega-6, as are corn, soybean and cottonseed oils. Safflower is even worse at 80% omega-6. MC asked if coconut oil would work instead, and I told her I’d try it.

But then I saw the palm shortening, and a light went off.

Not only is this healthier, but the consistency is perfect! This is what you do:

Food process the following until well blended:

That’s it! Makes 1.5 cups.

No, you don’t have to slowly drip or drizzle the oil in – that method would work some days, and others it wouldn’t. That is frustrating. This recipe is simply no-fail.

It’s in the fridge now – I’ll let you know how the consistency changes once cold.

Shared on Fat Tuesday.

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Easy No-Fail Mayo — 22 Comments

  1. Why not take the extra step to lacto-ferment it? Add 2 TBSP whey, let sit on counter for 6 hours, then refrigerate. It lasts many, many weeks this way, too.

  2. Duh! Duh! Duh! It is so obvious….yet, never even thought of it! Thanks for pointing out the obvious :) How does lactoferemnting change the flavor? Does lactofermenting it make it less likely to spoil and make you sick?

  3. Well, I made it and have some questions…. Mine was BRIGHT yellow….looks like mustard is mixed in, but I have super yellow almost orange yolks. Also, after sitting in the fridge for a bit it is solid….which I guess it to be expected since palm shortening is solid when cold. Any idea to help soften it? Maybe half olive oil half shortening?

    • Yes, my pastured eggs from my chickens gave me the same bright orange yolks.

      Mine is also solid. But I found if you leave it out 15 minutes before mixing it into, say, tuna fish, it will blend up well.

      I have actually left mine out these past few days (after initially refregerating it) and it’s fine. Because I only made the 1.5 cups, it will likely not spoil before I use it up. I’ll let you know!

  4. Now this sounds like a blast! I’ve been interested in preparing more homemade foods and this mayo sounds fantastic. If only I grew my own palm trees for my own shortening…

  5. Oh I cannot wait to try this! Why didn’t I think of that? LOL I have organic palm shortening in my cupboard for goodness sake. I hope the taste of it is good.

    I have made mayo with the immersion blender before and then suddenly, for no reason that I can find, it stopped working for me. I became so highly frustrated that I stopped making it!

    I am now a subscriber and facebook follower :) Thanks!

    • Omega-6 and Omega-3 content is there whether or not the oil is hydrogenated. However, hydrogenation causes trans fats, which are harmful. Both hydrogenation and high omega-6 content oils should be avoided.

  6. So do you melt the palm shortening before adding it to the processor, or did you just scoop out a solid cup and add as is and process until it breaks down?
    I’m also interested to know how you like the flavor compared to your previous recipe.

  7. I’m lazy, so use a stick blender in a pint jar. That way, it’s already in the container I’ll store it in and no dishes (cause I just buzz the blender in the sink).

    Never tried palm oil, but it works with either all coconut oil or half olive oil and coconut oil.

  8. Help! I made some of this mayo, used maple syrup and followed your directions. It was refrigerated about 2 hours when I tried to use some of it for coleslaw. As soon as I added the vinegar to it for the “sauce,” it looked like curdled milk. I could not get it to blend. I ended up adding some store bought mayo and it smoothed it right out. Any ideas on what happened or how to avoid this in the future?

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